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Better Box Features:  Why Choose E-Z Box?

13 Reasons Why E-Z Box is the Better Portable Storage Solution:

  1. E-Z Box is insulated.
  2. E-Z Box has a pitched roof.
  3. E-Z Box has a single membrane rubber roof.
  4. E-Z Box's frame is all steel construction.
  5. E-Z Box has a dust/insect brush over the door.
  6. E-Z Box uses cylinder locks.
  7. E-Z Box has an electrical power outlet.
  8. E-Z Box has an interior light.
  9. E-Z Box offers HumiRid™ humidity protection.
  10. E-Z Box offers moving supplies: boxes, bubble wrap, etc.
  11. E-Z Box offers two sizes: 8x16 and 8x8
  12. E-Z Box has rain gutters.
  13. E-Z Box doesn't stack your boxes.

E-Z Box Structure

Humi-Rid™ Protection

The Problem with Humidity:

High humidity is one of the worst enemies of stored goods! Every year theft, vandalism or natural disasters cause less damage to stored goods than the damaging effects of high humidity levels in the air. Mold, mildew and corrosion cause more damage than any of the other events.

When relative humidity (RH) levels exceed 55 percent, mold and mildew begin to flourish. Metal and electronic corrosion also begins in the same humidity range. The increase in damage progresses exponentially as the relative humidity increases above 60 percent. Bugs and insects also like high humidity.

The Solution:

Humi-Rid™ is E-Z Box's exclusive option that provides valuable humidity protection!

The Humi-Rid™ system was developed for and used by the U.S. military to protect electronic weapons systems from the ravages of high humidity.

Another valuable feature of Humi-Rid™ is that it does not create condensate run off like other de-humidifiers. Instead of extracting and disposing of high moisture levels in liquid form, (which can cause other problems in an enclosed storage space), Humi-Rid™ removes and expels the moisture in vapor form - much like a home clothes dryer, but without the lint!

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